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Please be aware that I use a naive bayesian filter to decide whether your email might be important to me.

I might also be: sick, on leave, without an internet connection, sleeping, ignoring you, thinking about my reply, trying to find the info you asked for, talking to other people in real life, speed skating, cycling, playing chess, petting my cats or having other things to do that are more important for me. So yes, it can really take some time before you get a reply, if it can not wait that long you should not have used email in the first place.

If you really need a quick response you should use the phone. But than again I might be i.e.: sick, on leave, out of cell tower range, driving in a tunnel, speed skating, cycling, playing chess, sleeping, showering, calling with someone, talking to people in real life, not hearing my phone, letting my phone ignore you, or just having an empty battery.


If you have something that must be discussed by phone, please send an email to schedule a call appointment.


twitter: @jnieuwen

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- 37 years;
- unix consultant;
- cyclist;
- speed skater;
- cat lover;
- chess player;